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Oregon Black Walnut Lumber  See Below for Huge Discounts effective May 5, 2011

4/4 Lumber up to 8" and 8 foot lengths - $5.00 per board foot. 
8/4 in widths up to 22" $10.00 per board foot.
Kiln dried to 6-8%
4/4 Black Walnut 4/4 Black Walnut 4/4 Black Walnut

Figured Walnut Slab - One Pictured 6/4 ~30" Long, 14" wide.  $175; More available 
figured slabfigured slabfigured slab

Walnut blocks 2-4" thick;  12-18 inch rectangular shapes; 2 natural edges $5.00 per board foot.  
walnut blockwalnut blockwalnut block

Oregon Black Walnut Table Tops and Slabs

Click on the blue underlined words to see more pictures and details.
Large Black Walnut Slabs - Two natural Edges;  Measure over ten feet long and are about three and one have inches thick.  Slabs were cut in June 2008 and are air drying.  Priced about $20 Now $15 a board foot.   All Slabs on this page have been sold.

8/4 (2") Thick, book matched Natural Edge Long Slabs - Over ten foot long 2" thick slabs with a single natural edge – Kiln dried to less ~10%; Stable. Priced about $15 
Six foot long black walnut double natural edge slabs.  Air drying since June 2008.  3 1/2 inches thick and up to 57 inches wide.  Nice figuring.  Priced at about $15 Now $10 per board foot.
Five foot long black walnut slabs.  Slabs 2-3.5" thick.  2" slabs are kiln dried and thicker slabs are air dried.  Beautiful figuring.  Priced $10-$15 Now $10  per board foot.
5. 3 1/2"+ thick Black Walnut figured slab with natural edges –  48"-65" long and width ranging from 29" to 41."  The portion at the top of the picture was the top of the tree that had been removed years before and the sap wood curled around the top.  Slabs air drying since June 2008 

Over ten feet long 3 1/2"+ thick Black Walnut figured slab with natural edges - 126" long;  width ranges from 43 inches at narrowest point but the majority is closer to the widest point of 50 inches.  Milled on June 26, 2008.  $3750  All 10 foot slabs are 33% off

2" thick, 6-7 foot long; upto 24" wide.  $10/board foot.  Kiln dried

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Our hardwood lumber is sawn on a bandsaw, typically kiln dried to 6-8% and has not been surfaced on any sides.  Large slabs are milled with an Alaska Mill and are air dried/drying.

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