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Custom Portable Sawmilling 
Information & Pricing

Our thin-kerf portable bandsaw offers an environmentally sensible and financially beneficial option for recovering valuable lumber from trees rather than cutting them into firewood or allowing them to rot.  The thin kerf band removes only 1/8th inch of wood with each cut to produce smooth and consistent lumber.  We bring the mill to you and you only pay for the actual usable lumber produced.

Milling at Our Site Option - Bringing your logs to our location is also an available option especially if you have small quantities to mill.


we can mill logs up to 20 feet long and 36-inches in diameter. Oversized logs may be split with a chainsaw prior to milling. (For oversize logs see Lucas Slabbing Mill options.)


we can produce timbers in excess of 20 x 20 inches and 20 feet long and make boards as thin as 1/8th of an inch thick and everything in between. You imagine it and we will try to make it.


$400 minimum charge for milling at remote sites.  ($50 minimum for milling at our site.)

There is a $50 roll out fee for all portable sawmilling jobs.

For jobs within ~15 miles there is no mileage charges; For jobs greater than 15 miles away there is a $1.00 per mile charge each way.

The fee for milling lumber is $0.40 per board foot of lumber produced ($400/1000 board feet) (sometimes is is more economical to hire the mill by the hour -$75/hour)

Note: You can calculate the approximate board feet of your logs by using a Scriber log scale book or the online calculator at

Nails, metal, embedded rocks or other hard debris that cause damage to sawmill blades are billed at $10 per incident.

Beveled Siding can be produced at $0.40 per lineal foot.

Note: Additional charges (or hourly rates) may be required for oversized logs, defective logs, lengths under 8 feet or a quantity of logs under 8" in diameter.


customers need to cut logs into less than 20 foot lengths as desired and center them on skids in a relatively level location where the saw can pull along side. We place logs on the mill by manually rolling them on the ground and using hydraulic arms lift them onto the mill.

A site visit is customary to discuss details and options prior to milling.

Please prepare a cut list for the sizes, number and types of lumber you want produced.

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