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White Oak 8/4 and 12/4 Slabs

Please see The Wood  Data Base for Characteristics Oregon White Oak

We have about 30 natural edge white oak slabs;

Most are 8/4 but have a couple 12/4.

They vary in width with the widest being in the ~20" range. The longest are ~8 feet long.

The slab pictured below is a sample that has been sanded and had a wipe on poly applied. It is a 12/4 slab ranging 11-14" wide and just shy of 8' long. As finished this slab is $175.

All unfinished slabs are $5 per board foot.

Some of the logs were on the ground quite a while before I got them and milled them. Thus there some spaulting and some of the natural edges are soft (no charge for material too soft to use).