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Available by appointment.  

Please call 503-556-3809 or email to inquire about lumber availability or for a quote. 

(See for description of Red Alder characteristics)


FRESH CUT - "GREEN" ALDER - Creation Woods will gladly provide custom sized fresh sawn alder in sizes to fit your needs.  Generally speaking green alder will cost $1.75 a board foot.

Alder is reknowned for its workability, stainability and economy.  It is frequently used to mimic cherry or walnut lumber in cabinentry and furniture whenever cost is an issue.  

Kiln Dried Red Alder Lumber - $2.00 a board foot 

Creation Woods manufactures, dries and stocks Red Alder in 4/4 (7/8th"), 5/4 (1 1/8") and 8/4 (2") thickness.  Widths of 3, 4, 6 are usually available and frequently stock includes 8, 10 and 12 inch wide boards.   Some 4x4 stock is also unusally on hand.

The lumber is semi-rough/semi-smooth as produced by a thin band saw blade.  The lumber available varies from completely clear to knotty to that with lots of character.  Color varies from pure white to rich reds and browns.   

Please Note: Creation Woods utilizes a slower drying process the results in the alder they typically stock having more red tones in the wood.  We think this gives the wood a much nicer appearance but those who want a very white alder might need to secure another source.

Customers are allowed to pick the boards that best meet their needs from those available (within reason).

A limited amount of Spaulted Alder is available at times in either dimensional lumber of natural edge slabs for ~ $5.00 a board foot.  

Most of the Red Alder available through Creation Woods has been produced as the result of removal of select alder trees for stand release or to remove defective/damaged trees.

Pictured below are a sampling of the types of red alder lumber available.

4/4 (1 inch) Alder Lumber Spaulted Alder Lumber
4 Quarter Alder Lumber Spaulted Alder Lumber
Alder Turning Blocks - Individually Priced  Spaulted Alder Slabs
Spalted Alder Turning Block Spalted Alder Turning Block

Please call 503-556-3809 or email to inquire about lumber availability or for a quote. 

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