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73660 Apiary Road
Rainier, OR 97048
Available by appointment.  
Please call 503-556-3809 or email to inquire about lumber availability or for a quote.

Kiln Dried Red Oak Lumber

Please see The Wood  Data Base for Characteristics of Red - Scarlet Oak

About 300 board feet of 4/4 mostly in 4-6" widths (a few narrower, a few wider) and about 50 board feet of 6"  8/4 Red/Scarlet oak Lumber -
There is a mix of plain and quarter sawn.

The darker pictures were taken when first milled. The lighter colored pictures are of sample dry boards which were run through the planer to show the appearance of the wood.

Some of the pieces have some spaulting.

Your choice for $3.00 per board foot.