Custom Made to Order Rustic Log Benches

 The below pictured benches are samples.  We typicaly stock a few benches but most are custom made to fit clients needs.  Allow 1 week for construction and then an additional week for shipping if needed.

But if you would like to get a quote please email specifying desired width, length, heighth and and description of what you would like including any special features.  

The below pictured benches were priced starting at $95 for 12" wide, 4 foot long benches.

Benches like this are available for ~ $95 each

Below are two benches. ~22-24" seating surface, 6 feet long, 18" high.
These benches are available for sale for $350 each 


The below  two benches are "sisters,"  tops cut from the same log and all legs cut from another log.
Both are about 4 feet long, 19" wide and 18 " tall.  $150 each. (sold)  Similary bench are available by custom order.

The below bench measures 18 inches tall  and has a seating surface of  ~16" wide by 38" long.  The legs are 6" thick and reinforced on the inside to prevent splitting.  Legs are attached to top by means of screws and a piece of highly rot resistant black locust.  The backs of the legs are squared off so that the width of the legs and the width of the top are the same (see third picture.)  $65.