Custom Made to Order Rustic Log Benches

 The below pictured benches are samples. Most of are benches are custom made to fit clients needs.  

Please email specifying desired width, length, height, species, bench description including any special features. (sample pictures are helpful)

Benches normally have a seating surface ranging from 12-22 inches wide; Typical seat height is 18" which includes legs and bench tops. All benches are sanded on edges to remove roughness and splinters.

Benches vary in price from $250 to up to $1250 depending on size, material and labor required.

Allow 4 or more weeks for construction and then an additional week for shipping if needed.

Pictured below are some of our previously made custom benches. 

Below are two benches. ~22-24" seating surface, 6 feet long, 18" high.
Similar benches are available for sale for $350-$425 each 

 The below  two benches are "sisters,"  tops cut from the same log and all legs cut from another log.
Both are about 4 feet long, 19" wide and 18 " tall.  $250 each. (sold)  Similary bench are available by custom order.

The below bench measures 18 inches tall  and has a seating surface of  ~22" wide by 72" long.  The legs are scribe fitted to the seat and the uprights for the back are notched into the legs. All components are securely lag bolted together.  Starting at $1,250

The benches below were made for children. They are  only 16" tall. Seating surface is 14-18" wide. They are 6 feet long. Legs are scribe fit to the seat and lag bolted together.  Starting at $500.

The below are our Slab Type of benches. These are among our most economical design since they are less labor intensive to constuct. The top is a slab 4-6 inches thick; the legs are logs flattened top and bottom to make for the 18 total height. Legs are lag bolted to the top from the bottom. As pictured, these benches have a cedar board on the bottom with a vapor barrier. The cedar board can be replaced after a decade or so and the leg is held up off the ground to prevent deterioration.

These are a variation of the slab benches with backs attached. Also, an anchor system was included made from rebar secured to the legs, extending out the bottom of the leg and set in concrete since they were for a neighborhood park. Also notice the log rounds used as a coffee/drink table and a climbing playstation for children.

Benches can be made in many sizes and shapes; Below are a few ideas; there is a long redwood slab  bench as well as a curved bench using the natural shape of the log.

This curved benches were one of a kind; It is rare that we have such logs available; Inquire about availability.