Missions Project

Swahili Translation of “Good Sermon, Brother!”

Project Goal:

Translate from English language into Swahili language the book written by Jeff Mullins, “Good Sermon, Brother!” to provide a tool for Swahili speaking pastors and Christians to be able to interpret the Bible accurately and preach good sermons.

Project Description:

Joseph Musuma Marwa will translate the English version into Swahili. Jeff Mullins will format the Swahili version and publish it through CreateSpace. Both print and electronic versions will then be available on line for order or download. Swahili copies will be purchased and distributed to as many Swahili speaking pastors as possible.

Project Cost: $1000 for translation; estimated $5 per book for printing.


The publishing of this book in English was intended to help pastors and Christians understand how to accurately interpret the Bible and then prepare sermons/lessons actually based on the Bible.

In 2009, 14 pastors formed the Independent Bible Fellowship Churches of Tanzania (IBFCT) out of a commitment to preach/teach the Bible rather than church traditions. This transition arose from the efforts of International Training and Equipping Ministries (ITEM). The IBFCT now includes 19 pastors/churches who are in striving to purchase properties, build modest church buildings and faithfully preach the Word of God. Joseph Musuma Marwa has been instrumental in the formation of the IBFCT and is currently attending Seminary in the midwest. He plans to complete his studies and return to his native Tanzania to carry on the ministry there. The $1000 cost of translation will be paid in full to Joseph who is planning in December to visit his wife and five children who have remained in Tanzania.

Opportunity to Participate:

If you have a desire to participate in this project you may send a check written to “Canaan Community Church” and annotated Swahili Book Translation. All funds received with go toward this project. Canaan Community Church, P.O. Box 605 Columbia City, OR 97018.

Possible future Opportunities:

It is anticipated that the same book will be translated in the Russian language in the near future.


If you have questions or desire more information about this project please contact Pastor Jeff Mullins (jeff@creationwoods.com; 503-556-3809)