White Oak Table Slabs
These slabs were cut in early March 2015.

They are all about 3 1/4 -3 1/2 inches thick and have typical surfaces for a ripping chainsaw cut.

The slabs are numbered and pictured in sequential order: This means that the bottom of the slab above is the mirror image of the next slab in the sequence.

The log was roughly 101-103 inches long.

There was a chainsaw plunge at the 94" lenght that is present in many of the slabs (similar to as pictured below in WO#5).

Each slab was measured for width inside at both ends and twice in the middle on the top of the slab; Depending on the angle of the bark those numbers may represent the widest side or the narrowest side. As the slabs dry, these measurements may become slightly less.

An effort has been made to include a photograph of any anomoly or imperfection in the slab (nails, bark enclusions, etc)

Slab Widths Comments
WO#1  $885 34-27-24-36 Chain saw cut
WO#2   $975 39-34-32-39 Has one nail
WO#3  $1100 45-39-40-39
WO#4  $1350 48-43-40-42 some dark stain; maybe nail above?
WO#5  $1500 51-45-41-42 some bark seam at upper end
WO#6 $1200 51-47-42-44 Heart cut, potential to split, bark seam;
WO#7  $1500 51-47-43-44 Bark seam; encased limb
WO#8 51-47-43-42 encased limb; small bark seam
WO#9  $1450 49-44-41-40
WO#10  $1200 46-40-37-36 bark inclusion ; nails on bottom side