Quality heavy duty construction.  Can make custom sizes and designs.

The trellises on this page are produced from salvaged Western Red Cedar Lumber that otherwise would be burned, buried or left to rot somewhere.  Each year in the process of producing custom lumber some boards are produced that are defective or non-standard sizes.  Although storing and handling is a hassle, these are set aside, trimmed as needed and then utilized to manufacture products like the ones available below.  (Custom made products may require utilization of higher value materials and may cost more than those shown below.)


 ~ 4 Feet wide and 5 feet tall
Custom fan trellises  can be produced in sizes that fit your application.  Typically they are constructed from materials that are 7/8th an inch thick and 1 1/2 wide.  The approximate cost of a custom fan trellis can be calculated by:

1) multiplying the # of spokes by 3 and  

2) multiplying the height of the trellis by 5

and adding these two numbers together.

~ 4 Feet wide and 6 feet tall

~ 5 Feet wide and 8 feet tall

~ 38" wide by 54" tall;  material planed on both sides
$55 ~ 41" wide by 58" tall;  material planed on both sides
$75  ~ 48" wide by 76" tall;  material planed on both sides; natural edge header board
$45 ~ 29" wide by 72" tall;  material planed on both sides
$125 ~ 34" wide by 84" tall; clear cedar material planed on all sides
Round faced board  trellis - 2 foot wide & 8 feet long/wide.  $149
Round faced board  trellis - 3 foot wide & 8 feet long/wide. $225