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   Here are some items we would like to obtain and may be willing to trade lumber or services for.

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 Logs Interested in economically priced logs; cedar, maple, oak; cascara, black walnut, english walnut, cherry; burls and figured wood;  Will consider lengths as short as 6 feet and maybe shorter. 
Wide Belt Sander  Would be willing to consider everthing from 12-26".  Must be single phase 120 or 240 volts.
Powermatic Helical Head Planer Would be willing to consider everthing from 12-26" planer.  Must be single phase 120 or 240 volts.
Dry Kiln that can be Fork lift loaded  I only have single phase power.  Would like to have an endload kiln with tracks that can be loaded from either end and fired with wood heat/boiler.  Dehumification kiln is good.
logging arch - logging fetch arch suitable for 25 hp tractor
Forested Acreage near Rainier, Oregon We are looking for 5-50 acres of forest land near Rainier Oregon.  The ideal parcel would have at least a partial stand of maturish trees, good easy access, be large truck compatible, have three phase power at least at the road and be suitable for building a home and a small home sawmill operation.  
Available for trade is 22 acres of  mixed stand reproduction timber near Goble Oregon.  Has unimproved county road access, perennial non-fishbearing stream.  Has mature maple and cedar standing, 20 year old alder patches and ~15 year old doug fir reprod.

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